One day, you asked your secretary to bring with her some bulky folders that contain all of the files that your company needs to persuade potential prospects. Fast forward a couple of years and you are now using computers and laptops to present them with something enticing for them to sign on.

The problem with both of these mediums is the fact that data is not secured. It can get stolen, it can be deleted, and other horror stories that you hear about using such particular things.To solve this and a host of other problems related to the business setting, cloud computing technology has been adopted.

This technology would not only improve security across the board but it also ensures that data is accessible whenever it is needed. When choosing a web hosting service plan, you can have and get an idea on bluehost review in Malaysia for more reliable reviews.

What is a Cloud Database?

Before anything else, I want to define what a cloud database is. Basically, it is an online database that is managed by service providers that can help manage both web infrastructure and data across entire networks.

Think of this as a global storage system that employs multiple security protocols to ensure that your precious and most important data is safe from prying eyes and hackers.

Now that you know what a cloud database is, it is now time for me to cite some reasons why this technology has become so irresistible in this day and age.

Online Storage

A lot of companies would love to use cloud database systems mainly because they can use it as a storage facility for their important company data. That being said, employees can be given access to this data and you can even have the choice of giving a certain set of employees more privileges than others.

This helps business operations become more streamlined as data can be accessed over the internet. Employees can just have access to it when needed, ensuring a smoother operation across the board.

Disaster Recovery

One of the biggest risks of storing company data in-house is that it is might be prone to hardware failure. It is good and all of your IT department has made backups beforehand but as disasters cannot be fully taken into account at certain times, especially if they happen abruptly, it could pose a serious threat of losses of your important data.
Cloud database systems just make it so that your data is safe and secure as most cloud service providers employ a disaster recovery plan, which essentially means that they make backups of your company data whenever you need them to.


When you are going to buy physical computers to turn into your company’s servers, you will require a lot of capital to do that. Server computers are not cheap and you will also have to hire your own personnel to manage your database systems.
By using the cloud, you do not have to acquire physical machines for data storage ever again.