latest NFT game news Malaysia market

NFT is something very new. Although it started in 2012, it only truly came to play in 2014 with some products going on. But only by 2021 that NFT was becoming more and more well known to the public. Ever since 2021 NFTs have been taking the public by storm buying and selling the digital token whether it being Art or music or now games to play to earn some money out of it. NFTs are really taking every industry by storm. 

Let’s now look into what is NFT in Gaming? NFT gaming is a game where you can earn some money by playing the game. It started back in 2018 but only recently in 2021 it started to become popular and only in 2022 there was a sudden surge in people playing NFT games to buy and sell in-game products as well as have fun playing it. It became very popular. 

 latest NFT game news Malaysia market

So why play NFT Games? Simple, to earn a little while playing games. Fun yet able to earn something is the main reason why you need to try games like that. Is it not exciting to play games at the same time to be able to earn some money out of it? Earning while gaming is a rare opportunity in life and that is why to us, NFT games let you have the opportunity to do so. Give it a try! 

Here are some games that maybe if you are interested can play while you earn some bucks for Starbucks!

  1. Axie Infinity

This game is a trade-and-battle game where you will need to collect, then breed, raise the game character called Axies and use it for battle and trade with other online users. There are many Axies to choose from and you can customise it based on what your liking is. When you win you will earn love potions which then you can sell for AXS tokens. It is a very fun game that you can try to play.

  1. Decentraland 

Decentraland is a virtual reality game that you can build your own world and develop various buildings and develop the land. You can also create and open a business online for other users and create a whole world on its own. It is truly a special game. A total world on its own.

  1. Sandbox

Sandbox. Is a game based on blockchains and lets the users build and craft necessities to survive in the game. It is a very blocky meta verse theme game. You can land at the NFT and build your own house or even a big castle! It encourages players to actively participate on the platform to buy and sell the NFTs. The more items you build the higher your level. Game on!

These are some of the games that you can play using NFTs and of course you need to keep up with the latest news. For the latest NFT game news Malaysia market you can look to NFTeller because they will give you the latest possible news out there. Game on!

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