Even though sex toys are a $15 billion industry, not everyone uses them. While there are a variety of reasons why someone might refuse to use a sex toy, sex toys may appear to emasculate people who identify as male. Women, on the other hand, tend to find owning, using, and completely appreciating sex devices easier. They’re something worth trying in a world where sex toys and the innovation behind them are mind-blowing. Here are five reasons why using sex toys in the bedroom is good for your mental health.

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  1. More Sexual Satisfaction Can Be Attained With Sex Toys

People who have used sex toys say they are happier with their sex lives in every way, including quality of orgasm and masturbation. If you roll solo or with a partner, the more you explore your body and experiment with toys, the more likely you are to figure out how to get yourself off. Dr Donaghue claims that sleeping with men who use sex toys results in a 90 per cent satisfaction rate. Men who avoid toys and do not utilise them have a satisfaction rate of 76%.

  1. Using a sex toy might help you gain confidence in your body

When you know the ins and outs of your body — physically — you get respect for it. The human body is a work of art that has been painstakingly sculpted. In and of itself, the fact that the clitoris exists solely for pleasure is noteworthy. By allowing you to safely experiment with various sensations, stimulation zones, and simultaneous pleasure points, sex toys give you the gift of knowing what makes you feel good. You’ll be able to accomplish it on your own or know just what to say to your partner at that point.

  1. Sex Toys Can Assist You In Sleeping

Sleep is necessary for our health. Not only does it keep us from becoming grumpy monsters, but it also boosts our immune systems, keeps our cognitive skills sharp, reduces sadness and anxiety, and boosts — or at least suppresses — our libido. Insomnia and restlessness can be helped with sex and masturbation. Masturbation can help people relax and feel less stressed since it releases oxytocin and endorphins. Both men and women report getting better sleep after including masturbation in their nighttime routine, and utilising a sex toy can help you get your bedtime orgasm faster and more successfully.

  1. Relationship Satisfaction is aided by sex toys

Experimenting with new sexual activities relieves boredom, reduces the risk of cheating, and enhances general communication between partners. When we try new activities, it encourages conversation between partners, which is critical for relationship satisfaction and overall partnership health. Dr Donaghue believes that sex toys are a safe and reliable technique to keep things hot in bed. It’s simply a matter of taking the initial step toward obtaining your first sex toy. “Couples and individuals can continue to explore the sex toy market and all it has to offer after growing comfortable incorporating devices in the bedroom,” Dr Donaghue explains. 

  1. Sex Toys Can Assist With Sexual Dysfunction

Both men and women are affected by sexual dysfunction. Sex toys can help in this situation. According to Dr Donaghue, research has shown that “masturbatory tools” can help with common sexual diseases like erectile dysfunction and performance anxiety. Although orgasms should not be the main objective of sex because the journey is also important, there is no denying that they can be the icing on an already delicious cake. Sex toys can help you appreciate that journey even more – regardless of the outcome – because of their positive impact on mental health.

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