Have you seen the wedding event designers of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry? The two have such amazing taste that what they wore on their special day as well as the other elements of their wedding will be popular for many months to come.

In fact, many designers are already incorporating some of the design aspects of Meghan’s gown into their creations.

With that being said, what are the new wedding trends that we can expect in the Spring of 2019? Here are some:

1. More Intimate Weddings

We are used to seeing weddings where the couple invites their workmates, their friends, and most especially, their family members.

But, we might be seeing smaller weddings now as more and more people are inviting only those people who are really closest to them.

Not only will the couple have flexibility when it comes to the venue they’re going to choose, but they’re also going to save a ton of money in the process as well.

2. More Non-Traditional Venues

Although having your wedding in churches is the standard, more couples are opting for a more non-traditional venue. Some couples repurposed a part of their barns so that they can exchange vows in the said place.

The reason why outdoor weddings are going to be popular in the year 2019 is that people want to have a more unique experience and being one with nature really helps them achieve that.

3. No More Buffet

When it comes to feeding your guests, buffet tables have become a mainstay in today’s weddings. However, because there is now a push for more intimate, family-and-friends only guest list, couples are now using a more traditional approach where they are served a family-sized serving.

You know, the food and drinks will be served directly on their tables so that they will share it with their table mates. This can help promote bonding and strengthen family ties.

4. Bye, Bye Phones!

We now live in a digital age where smartphones have become the main staple of our lives. However, it is also because of this new gadget that we tend to forget the real meaning of the wedding.

We often get too distracted, checking our emails and social media accounts that we forget to focus on the couples who are going to exchange vows during that day.

Therefore, you might see more weddings that do not allow the use of phones so that guests can turn their attention more on the important things.

Do not worry as couples are hiring photographers to ensure that all the highlights are captured on film.


Every year, new wedding trends are implemented and you can gain some ideas from them as well. You can opt for a more traditional serving when it comes to food, ban the use of smartphones during the wedding, thinking about having it done outdoors, and just inviting the most important people in your life are just some of the things that we will most likely be seeing in the Spring of 2019.