Were you also curious about who controls YouTube, the global internet platform? According to the number of subscribers to their channels, we determined the Top 12 influencers who are acing the social network with their viral videos. We didn’t include any celebrities, singers, or other popular personalities in this ranking because they didn’t become famous through the platform. If you are a beginner Youtuber yourself who wants to up your game in marketing your channel, you might want to have a look at this binary system of MLM.  Without further ado, check out our top 12: an eclectic mix of global influence that includes Brazilians, Ukrainians, Americans, gamers, vlogger, children, and odd challenges…


  • PewDiePie

PewDiePie is a renowned YouTuber who makes videos in which he delivers comments while playing video games. His coverage and discussion of internet memes and viral videos have broadened. The Swedish gamer was once embroiled in a months-long struggle with Bollywood music label T-Series for the title of most-subscribed YouTube channel. With an intensive “Subscribe to PewDiePie” campaign that included hacking printers and purchasing billboard space, his committed following took steps to assure his No. 1 ranking. T-Series, on the other hand, surpassed PewDiePie’s 100-million subscriber threshold by the end of May 2019. Kjellberg has also drawn criticism for a long history of racist and anti-Semitic statements, for which he has been fined by YouTube. 


  • Dude Perfect

This sports entertainment channel was founded in 2009 and is maintained by a group of Texas friends known as “5 Best Buds.” It features a variety of sports as well as a healthy dose of humour. It all started with basketball trick shots, but today the entrepreneurs make videos on a variety of sports, as well as nerf battles, amusing stereotypes, and plenty of trick shots. Their great success can be attributed to their unique blend of athletics and humour.

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  • MrBeast

MrBeast is recognised for two types of videos: viral challenges, such as “Counting to 100,000 in One Video” and “Last To Remove Hand, Gets Lamborghini Challenge,” and attention-getting donation and charity auctions, such as handing away thousands of dollars to little Twitch games and waitresses.


  • James Charles

He is a make-up artist and beauty YouTuber from the United States. In 2015, Charles started his YouTube channel by posting make-up tutorials. He is an incredible make-up artist who can do make-up for any style of clothing. He now has over 25 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Not to add the fact that Charles was born in the year 1999. Despite his youth, he became the first male spokesperson for CoverGirl in 2016 after a tweet displaying his makeup went viral. His net worth is estimated to be over $12 million. 


  • JackSacpticEye

Seán William McLoughlin is his true name, and he was born on February 7, 1990. He’s an Irish YouTuber known for his hilarious Let’s Play series and vlogs. In 2012, he started a YouTube channel. He usually uploads a Let’s Play or vlog-style video once a day. His channel has over 14.1 billion views and 27 million subscribers as of May 2021, making it Ireland’s most-subscribed channel.