How does your body get energy? Well, it gets it from the foods that you eat and the
liquids that you drink.

Most of the energy-giving nutrients come from three main nutrients: Carbohydrates,
Protein, and Fat. Generally, our bodies require carbohydrates for energy but if it detects
that you lack carbs, it will start to use protein and fat instead.

When you consume food, your body breaks it down through a process known as
metabolism. If you eat whole grains, for example, these foods will be converted to
carbohydrates which will then, in turn, be turned into glucose which is the body’s main
source of energy.

It is important to note that there are two types of carbs: Simple and Complex. The main
difference is that complex carbs take a while to digest, thus providing you with more
sustainable energy than simple carbs.

Although the best supplements for men can give you energy, it is still important that you
get your energy from whole foods. In today’s article, I will provide you with some foods
that are known to give you sustainable energy to help you accomplish the things that
you need to do in the day.

Sustainable Energy

For the most part, you’d want to consume whole grains because they are rich in fiber
(which improves gut health) and ensures that you get more sustainable energy than
refined or simple carbs.

That being said, foods that are rich in fiber include whole-grain bread, starchy
vegetables, dried beans, and pasta.

Most complex carbohydrates contain fiber which helps you get satiated for much longer
as they take more time to digest. They also help regulate blood sugar levels since they
do not stimulate the release of insulin.

It is also important for you to know that you need adequate amounts of liquid as well.
Water is an essential component for our bodies as it helps regulate body heat, as well
as making sure that we do not get dehydrated. Plus, they have an added benefit of
keeping us energized as well.

The general rule for consuming water is that you’d want to consume water whenever
you get thirsty. But, if you find that you are still drinking less than the recommended
amount, just take 8-10 glasses of water per day (or roughly 2 liters).

Foods to Avoid

Although I will not tell you to avoid simple carbohydrates completely, it is best that you
consume it in relatively small amounts. That is because they are rich in sugar and they
are broken down by the body quicker (which, in turn, will result in an energy crash).

Aside from that, I would also advise you to minimize your caffeine and alcohol intake.
Caffeine does provide you with energy, albeit followed by an energy crash. Alcohol is a
known depressant which also saps your energy.

Eat Three Times a Day

The modern man and woman usually do not eat breakfast as they have much busier
lives now more than ever before. But, skipping breakfast is not only detrimental to your
overall health, but it will also ensure that you are not going to receive enough energy to
complete your day.

Aside from consuming complex carbs, also include protein and some healthy fat in your
diet as well since, as mentioned earlier in the article, they also provide energy too.