During my first year as a Psychology student, one of the things that were taught to me was the virtue of vicarious learning. Simply put, this means that you learn from the mistakes of others so that you do not have to experience all the negatives that come along with it.
In affiliate marketing, mistakes are bound to happen since trial and error is needed for you to find the strategy that works for you and your campaign.
However, there are some common mistakes that you should definitely avoid and in today’s article, I will talk about some big mistakes that new affiliate marketers make.

Selling a Product Instead of Promoting It

New affiliate marketers are notorious for being newly-minted salespeople. I understand that the word ‘marketing’ is attached to affiliate marketing but you have to know that it is not your job to become a salesperson on your partner company’s behalf. Your job is to only promote the products they are selling.
The reason why I am bringing this up is far too often, new affiliate marketers create content solely as a sales pitch and not something that genuinely helps people make a purchase decision.
This is so rampant that they must as well just put up a sign at the beginning of their content saying ‘buy me please’.
Instead of thinking about making a sale, focus on what can help people solve their problems. For instance, if you are promoting pet products for dogs, tell them the reasons how these products can be helpful for dog owners.

Not Testing Things Out First

If you are thinking about making product review articles (which is a good idea, by the way), not testing things out first is a huge mistake that is also quite common. I mean, how can you create a good product review article if you did not have actual experience of that product in the first place?
Well, the good thing is that most companies are okay with providing you with some samples. But, the main takeaway here is to only make such content if you have actual experience of the product you are trying to promote.

Not Using Analytical Tools

Affiliate marketing requires a lot of trial and error to help you find the right strategies that work for you. That being said, I know a lot of people that do not use analytical tools to help them measure their current performance.
Analytical tools provide you with important data and you should always use them so that you will know which of your affiliate campaigns are working and which ones are not.

Not Taking Advantage of Product Comparisons

I get it, product review articles are really good, but you know what else makes it even better? Product comparisons!
That’s right, aside from promoting a single product, also mention other relevant products as well. This way, people will have plenty of choices and so that they will be enticed to make a purchase decision more readily than before.

Focusing Always on Something New

There are a lot of new things that will come your way but if you constantly get distracted by them, you are never going to finish what you have started.
Do not be distracted by shiny things. Focus first on your initial campaign and only branch out once you see that your current one can stand on its own.